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An institution is not only defined by the charism that brought it to birth but also by the on-going vitality that gives it life today.

The Christian message, flowing from the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (, allows the Monivae community to assist students on their journey of faith. It offers them an authentic framework upon which to build their values and a path they can follow. It is based on the love of God for them, always and unconditional. It allows them to love themselves as created in the image and likeness of God and to love others because of this.

Fortes in Fide (Strong in faith)

Monivae welcomes all who seek to follow Christ. In the MSC tradition of valuing every person irrespective of their faith, religious education is designed to be inclusive of all students, Catholic and non-Catholic. It is derived from the Religious Education Guidelines of the Ballarat Diocese, "Awakenings".

Students from Year 7 to 12 participate in retreats which enhance the school religious education curriculum and help form a complete and well-rounded spiritual experience. Students also participate in a vigorous liturgical life as part of the school community.