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Mission Experience - Kiribati

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Kiribati Mission Experience

Kiribati is an island nation located in the central tropical Pacific Ocean composed of 32 atolls, three of which are visited by the Monivae group. The unique opportunity gives students the chance to step outside their comfort zone and learn about other cultures and is an experience which they will carry for life.


Kiribati 2017

The Monivae Kiribati Mission Experience Program started in the Year 2000 with two students, visiting our sister school Chevalier College on the outer island of Abemama in Kiribati. Since then, every year Monivae Year and 12 students have the remarkable opportunity to attend the Mission Experience in this majestic island nation of Kiribati. Twelve Year 11 & 12 students have just returned from a two-week trip that many describe as being the ‘experience of a lifetime' as they are able to immerse themselves into the subsistence living of fishing, making thatch and local coconut mats on a remote atoll environment. While the students and staff support the teaching and learning of English at this school, many other benefits are enjoyed by all in the group, namely the incredibly friendly hospitality of the I-Kiribati people and their unique culture.
Year 11 student Emily Pertzel commented "A main highlight of the trip was helping and making lifelong friendships with the students at Chevalier College. Their kind and inviting nature made it easy for us settle in on the island. We thoroughly enjoyed participating in their classes and helping them with their English." When asked what would they take away from the experience, Tahlia Grant replied, "All in all, the trip taught us to be appreciative of the little things we take for granted. After meeting the locals of Kiribati who despite having very little, gave everything to make our stay memorable and they were always so happy."