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Mission Fair Day

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My home that gives

On the last day of Term 3 (19th September 2014) each year at Monivae College is awash with colour and activity.  The Mission Fair Day begins with a liturgy to give thanks for what we, in this country, take for granted; freedom, equality, food, shelter, and peace.  The second half of the day is devoted to fundraising for MSC missions in various places in Australia and around the world. 

As a Christian community we are called to action and service.  We therefore have a responsibility towards those less fortunate than ourselves.  Mission Fair Day gives every Monivae student the opportunity to rally to the cause.

Each homeroom group conducts fair style stalls and activities, from ferret racing, face painting and fairy floss to home-baked cakes, apple bobbing and rock concerts.  A major raffle is also held in conjunction with Mission Fair Day.