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Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

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The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) is a religious congregation within the Catholic Church consisting of Priests and Brothers who believe that noting is more important that the saving power of God's love. You can visit there website at

The initials M.S.C. come from the Latin translation of our name, Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis, (in French it is Missionnaires du Sacre Coeur). Our congregation was founded by Fr. Jules Chevalier at Issoudun, France in 1854.

We are an international congregation numbering about 1900 working in over fifty-five countries, on six continents.

The Australian Province has around 140 members who minister in:
parishes, retreat centres, education, urban and traditional aborigines, Media, prisons, universities, hospitals, technical trades and other areas.

Jules Chevalier wanted a Congregation whose purpose was to enable people to know and encounter a compassionate God as revealed through the heart of Jesus. Jesus revealed a God of extraordinary love in the way he treated people. He listened, healed, forgave, accepted, did not condemn, challenged and...and...he did this with a human heart. Our mission is to promote this experience of God's love through our own human hearts and so lead people to Jesus and God.

With a special devotion to the Sacred Heart we consider ourselves to have a "Heart Spirituality". It was a human heart that revealed God's heart. We do the same with our hearts. This also means we take the courage to go to the center of our own hearts and discover our deepest needs and yearnings and encounter God's healing and freeing heart. With this experience and knowledge we are inspired to share this love to those we encounter and find similar yearnings in the hearts of all people.

Our founder said, "May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved, Forever!"
Today we also say "To be on earth the heart of God".

Fr Peter Hendriks MSC

MSCs at Monivae

Fr Peter Hendricks is the only MSC at Monivae and also maintains other Ministry roles within the MSC order.

At Moniave, Peter is Chaplain and Co-Director of Faith and Mission and is currently on top of the footy tipping ladder. The following comes from an article published in a Catholic Newspaper.

Peter jests, "My life proves that God writes straight with crooked lines!" He knows this reveals the truth that his heart was difficult to settle, "I was inherently restless".

Straight after university Peter joined the Jesuits and was with them for five years. In his own words, "I spent a lot of that time discerning if it was for me. I grew a lot emotionally and I discerned... decided... hoped... that priesthood wasn't for me".

For the next 12 years Peter wandered through different career paths. He was a school teacher, completed his Theological studies, did some more teaching, completed a Social Work degree and worked as a Probation & Parole Officer. His restlessness was still keeping him in good company. He continued to attend retreats to help discern his vocation and life.

"One day while I was on retreat I was expressing my absolute frustration with God that he was not being clear enough about what I should do. God's response to my prayer was wonderful. It was simply this, ‘Peter if you want to be a layperson and get married then do so. If you want to be a priest then do so. My only vocation for you is to know that I love you." He says, "God has a habit of being right! To know oneself as deeply loved by God is the root to any vocation".

After Peter was accepted into the MSC's, restlessness was still being a faithful pest. "One moment in the novitiate when I found myself struggling, God said, ‘The only way out is through'." Peter identified that there was often strong feelings of fear and anxiety in his day. Once those emotions were addressed he found he was able to stop the pattern in his life of ‘moving on' or ‘backing out' and was able to settle into a life commitment.

Six years on from being ordained as an MSC he feels grateful to live the charism ‘To be on Earth the Heart of God'.

For all people discerning their vocation Peter says "God has a vocation for you that no one else can fulfil. The answer lies in knowing that God loves you. I love the saying, ‘The one who walks with God always gets to their destination. Keep walking with God, talking with God and listening to God. God will reveal the best path to take, it will be a path of love.'"