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Year 7

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Year 7

The Year 7 Program provides a smooth transition from primary school into the secondary school environment. Students form strong relationships with key Year 7 teachers who become the main point of contact for families. As part of the transition process, Year 7 students have their own area of the College for core classes, lockers, toilets and staff offices. Students are supported in exploring the College grounds through Arts & Technology classes, Physical Education and a fortnightly Alternative Education Program.

LEEP (Learning, Enrichment and Extension Program).

A new program for 2017 in Year 7, the LEEP is for highly able students at Monivae College based on the principles of curriculum enrichment and extension and developing their outstanding potential.

Full program information is available from the LEEP page.

Year 7 Curriculum

Students in Years 7 and 8 at Monivae are offered a broad curriculum so they have the opportunity to be exposed to all the areas of study that are available as they move into the higher year levels.

Over a two-week cycle of 60 periods students study;

  • English - 8 Periods per cycle (PPC)
  • Maths - 8 PPC
  • Humanities - 8 PPC
  • Science - 8 PPC
  • Language - 4 PPC
  • Health and PE - 4 PPC
  • Art & Technology - 12 PPC**
  • Religious Education - 4 PPC

Homeroom, Assembly and the 'MSC in Action' program make up the final 4 PPC.

**In Semester One, Students will either study one Arts and two Technology subjects or two Arts and one Technology subject, swapping for Semester Two. Arts and Technology subjects are;

  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Arts
  • Materials Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Textiles Technology

Whilst students study their core subjects in Homeroom groups, the Arts and Technology blocks are currently mixed allowing for greater interaction with different students outside their Homerooms.

Learning Field - Electronic Texts

An overview of LearningField.

Year 7 Examination Timetable 2017

Year 7 Coordinator

Mrs Rachael Rowe

For information on enrolling a student in Year 7 for 2018 then contact the Registrar Meg Cook on (03) 5551 1200 or via