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Monivae Learning, Enrichment and Extension Program (LEEP)


Highly able students are acknowledged, as having particular learning needs requiring adjustment to their educational program so that they remain highly engaged and active learners. Equity, excellence and opportunity are values that underpin the vision for Catholic education with a view that all students are able to learn and flourish as part of their human development. Catholic schools seek to provide students with a learning environment that acknowledges and maximises their individual potential.

This educational philosophy is further supported by the MSC. "In all their ministries Missionaries of the Sacred Heart value every person and hold as precious the healthy growth of body, mind and spirit of every individual."
The MSC Constitution shares its mission by stating, "In a constant effort to share the sentiments of the Heart of Christ, we will be attentive to all human needs and aspirations..." Jules Chevalier also gives advice to those involved in the ministry of education. "They should be tireless in teaching their students whatever is needed for them to gain academic results with distinction..."

A program for highly able students at Monivae College will operate on the principles of curriculum enrichment and extension, and develop their outstanding potential.


Students will be encouraged to study more complex and abstract concepts with greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills. Students will be actively encouraged to develop investigative, problem solving and creative thinking skills, which will challenge and engage and provide an excellent foundation for further studies.

Who is the program designed for?

This Program is not appropriate for all students. It will be both rewarding and daunting with high expectations and a greater classroom workload. It suits students who want and need to be challenged and who are stronger academically.

Many peer review studies argue the benefit for students, undertaking an enrichment program, with them feeling a greater connection to school and having a positive sense of wellbeing.

Mainstream classes at Monivae will continue to support all students to reach their full academic potential. The LEEP program provides an opportunity for academically able students to be extended in a group of their peers.

Program Structure

Students will be grouped together in their own Year 7 Homeroom and will remain together for their core subjects. The core subjects identified for enrichment are English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. Elective subjects will be in similar fashion to the other Year 7 Homerooms. The program will continue, in a similar vein, into Years 8 and 9.

Students in the Enrichment Program will work on the same material as other students, only in greater depth. Students will receive instruction by the teacher matching in-depth activities with existing curriculum. Additionally, students will be provided with an opportunity to work on independent study projects.

Assessment Criteria

ACER Testing
NAPLAN / School Reports


• Information sent to Students - Applications close 22nd September 2017   
• Selection of students - ACER Testing and Interview - November 2017                      
• Students notified of a place in LEEP - November/December 2017


LEEP is being coordinated by Deputy Principal, Jonathan Rowe. For more information contact Jonathan on (03) 5551 1200 or via