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Year 8

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Year 8

The Year 8 Program provides a link between the protected physical and social environment of EXCEL and the more independent life of middle and senior years. It allows the student to move naturally from the EXCEL program towards a more autonomous learning environment. It fosters leadership through a range of activities both in and out of the classroom. It fosters a sense of community within the school, but also extending out into the local community. The curriculum has been planned to allow students to make connections between the content of the different Key Learning Areas, and to realise that knowledge and skills are transferable and cumulative.

Students in Years 7 and 8 at Monivae are offered a broad curriculum so they have the opportunity to be exposed to all the areas of study that are available as they move into the higher year levels.

Over a two-week cycle of 60 periods students study;

  • English - 8 Periods per cycle (PPC)
  • Maths - 8 PPC
  • Humanities - 7 PPC
  • Science - 7 PPC
  • Language - 6 PPC
  • Health and PE - 4 PPC
  • Art & Technology - 12 PPC**
  • Religious Education - 4 PPC

Homeroom, Assembly and the Alternative Education program make up the final 4 PPC.

**In Semester One, Students will either study one Arts and two Technology subjects or two Arts and one Technology subject, swapping for Semester Two. Arts and Technology subjects are;

  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Materials: Wood and Metal
  • Home Economics
  • Textiles

Learning Field - Electronic Texts

This year the College has moved towards an online platform for student text resources at Years 7 & 8 called LearningField. Through this one platform, students and teachers can access a range of texts tailored to the learning program.

Work has been undertaken during the past few weeks to establish the technical background for student access and staff have undertaken initial training on exploring the resource and developing content for classes. During next week, classes will be guided through access to the resource and progressively exploring this in their classes.

An overview of LearningField.

Year 8 Examination Timetable 2017

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting resource and it's use in our learning programs.

Year 8 Coordinator

Mrs Katee Mitchell