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Year 9

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Year 9

Year 9 is an opportunity for students to establish a strong foundation of key skills in each of the 9 key learning areas. Through a variety of learning activities, each student will develop a clearer sense of their strengths, interests and goals. Students are encouraged to be futures focused and connected to the world around them by making links beyond the classroom and developing transferable skills in a changing environment.

One of the key themes for the year level is sustainability. Sustainability is about reducing our ecological footprint while simultaneously improving the quality of life that we value - the ‘liveability' of our society. Education for sustainability is both present- and future-oriented. It is about learning to design and implement actions for the present, in the knowledge that the impact of these actions will be experienced in the future. In this way, it leads to students developing an overall capacity to contribute to a more sustainable future in terms of environmental integrity, economic viability, and a just society for present and future generations.

In an era marked by concerns about the future of the planet, education for sustainability can be empowering, and an antidote to a sense of helplessness. It equips students to act, individually and collectively, in ways that can contribute to sustainability. It provides the opportunity for students to explore and evaluate contested and emerging issues, gather evidence, and create solutions for a sustainable future. Education for sustainability can enable students to become effective citizens and active change agents by helping them to deal with complexity and uncertainty. It can also help them to understand that there is rarely a single solution because new knowledge is continuously generated, and diverse viewpoints exist in society.

The Year 9 program also includes:

  • Cadets - the first introduction to the College Cadet Program, with Bivouac and the Annual Cadet Camp among the major components
  • Retreat - the first students' first look at a formal retreat program linked to the MSC philosophy. The retreat programs run annually from Year 9 through to Year 12
  • The LEEP program began at Monivae in Year 7 in 2015. The Year 9 group that has continued on and is now operating at Year 9 level is giving students and opportunity to extend their studies.
  • Special Programs - specifically designed on a needs basis to address current issues relating to the year level.

NAPLAN 2017 Student Report Information for Parents

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Year 9 Coordinator

Mr Leo McMahon