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College Prayer & Song

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Monivae Prayer

O God,

In the sacred heart of Jesus

you have revealed your love for us.

Teach us to love like him,

showing care for each other

and compassion with those in need.

Make us strong in faith,

that Monivae may be

a sign of your loving kindness.


Monivae - Strong in Faith

The Monivae College Song is written by Br. James Maher M.S.C. with music by Jody Stephens, Ben Gallagher, Tom Warburton, Shahn Colliver and Br. James Maher M.S,C,

It is performed by Monivae College students of 2009, Kathleen Ashby, Taylah Connonlly, Jami Giles, Tom Hicks and Emmanuel Kelly.

Song Lyrics:

Monivae, strong in faith.
Formed in friendship, nature's grace.
Room for all to find their way,
At Monivae.

Monivae, the best you can.
Open hearts and open hands.
Learning and striving day by day,
At Monivae.

From ancient times
the dolphins sing
Of knowledge, faith and love,
Their gifted nature offering
A sign, a way for us.

Monivae, the best you can,
Spirit of this southern land,
Alive in the joy
of work and play
At Monivae.

Monivae, strong in faith.
Under the cross a sacred place,
God's love found
in a human face,
At Monivae,
At Monivae.