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College Captains

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2017 College Captains and School Leaders

Monivae College has formally announced its College Captains for 2017.

Cameron Webb and Brooke Kelly will lead the student body in 2017.

The remainder of the College Leader positions have also been appointed for 2017 and include the following:

Riley Tully and Taylah Casey

Nathan Gill and Emily Goodman


Kieran O'Brien and Lydia Ewing

Cameron Krause and Letetia Nolte

Faith and Service
Bailey Webb and Chelsea Mailes


Bobby Rabone and Brittany Carter

College Captains

The position of College Captain is a highly sought and valued position at Monivae. From Brian Sharry, the first College Captain, through to our current College Captains  Listed below is all the College Captains who have lead Monivae College.

1958 Brian Sharry  
1959 Peter Annett  
1960 Paul Gurry  
1961 Peter Murray  
1962 John Gleeson
1963 James King
1964 John Curtin
1966 Michael Gurry  
1967 Patrick Dodson
1968 Max Bradfield  
1969 Gary Simkin
1970 Gerard Mugavin  
1971 Michael O'Brien  
1972 Jeffery Smallacombe  
1973 John McKenzie
1974 John O'Brien
1975 Len Lengyel  
1976 Michael Greenham
1977 Gerard Brownstein
1978 Andrew Delahunty
1979 Vin Powell
1980 John Brownstein Tracey Hadden
1981 Nigel Bird Sue Rizzo
1982 Andrew Hamence Jacinta Lang
1983 Damien Goss
Jeanette Bunney
1984 Peter Shanley
Philomena Ferguson
1985 Stephen Carter
Sally Gregory
1986 Peter Brownstein Donna Thorpe
1987 Brendan O'Brien Trudi Hill
1988 Andrew Watt
Melissa Wu
1989 Michael Donovan
Lisa McLindon
1990 Adam Bethune
Bernice Bailey
1991 Christopher Sandy Larissa Alexander
1992 Michael Dare Nicole Dare
1993 Samuel Plush
Bianca Dunn
1994 Daniel May
Kate Buchanan
1995 Benjamin Cranage
Renee Renwick
1996 Thomas Sobey
Narida Yeatman-Morgan
1997 Andrew Abbey
Yvette Schurmann
1998 Nicholas Murrell
Sue Balkin
1999 Lachlan Beaton
Shona Malseed
2000 Paul Rhook
Sarah Bell
2001 Paul Kempton
Erin Cottrill
2002 Jamin Howman Sally Houlihan
2003 David Elijah Casey Rhook
2004 Nathan Isles Leanne Jansen
2005 Chris Kearney
Katie Gill
2006 Michael Neeson
Mieka van Rijn
2007 Noah Bastock Katherine Johnson
2008 Jacob Ronaldson Lana Burgess
2009 Callum Kanoniuk
Alexandra van Rijn
2010 Benjamin Walker

Shahn Colliver

2011 Jock Cleary Lisa Stanford
2012 Matthew Waters Alexandra Groves
2013 Joshua Murray Sophie Thornton
2014 Dylan Gracias Allie Gorman
2015 Jayden Watson Anna Kerber

2016 Denver Harrison Georgina Groves