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2017 College Leaders

The 2017 College Leaders have been announced.

School Captains

Brooke Kelly

Cameron Webb

Faith and Service

Chelsea Mailes

Bailey Webb


Ffrench House

Emily Goodman

Nathan Gill

Glenelg House

Taylah Casey

Riley Tully

Lonsdale House

Letetia Nolte

Cameron Krause

Mitchell House

Lydia Ewing

Kieran O'Brien

Boarding Captains

Brittany Carter

Bobby Rabone

Congratulations to these students.


Exam Timetables

Year 7 Exam Timetable

Year 8 Exam Timetable

Year 9 Exam Timetable

Year 10 Exam Timetable

Year 11 Exam Timetable

Year 12 Exam Timetable

Study Planner

A copy of the study planner is available for download as referenced in the newsletter.

Study Planner