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Boarding Options

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In an attempt to cater for as many situations as possible, Monivae College has developed a number of options to provide the most appropriate opportunity for boarders.


Full Boarding

Full boarding provides a home for boarders seven days a week, allowing them to take advantage of the educational facilities, be involved in sporting and cultural activities within Hamilton and mix with other boarders on the many outings organised each year.

Each school term incorporates two 'home' weekends when all students return home to spend time with their families. An important element of full boarding is the ‘weekend program' which provides for a range of activities for those at Monivae on weekends.


Weekly Boarding

Understanding the desire to offer flexibility and the need for students and families to spend as much time together as possible, Monivae offers weekly boarding.

This allows students to take advantage of the educational opportunities that Monivae provides whilst spending weekends at home with their families. Students leave for home on Friday and return late Sunday afternoon. Parents can pick-up and drop-off students or take advantage of Monivae's transport options.


Casual Boarding

This option caters for casual stays in the boarding house.  This option is beneficial for students living out of town who have co-curricular or study commitments that may finish late. This option is also popular for Year 12 students moving into the exam period and also for those families who need a temporary accomodation arrangement for a child so as not to disrupt their studies.

Whatever option families decide, they can be assured that all care is taken to ensure that Monivae Boarders get the most out of their experience.

For more information refer to the Boarding Handbook.