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Spirituality & Pastoral Care

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Monivae is proud of its Catholic heritage, which is celebrated with mass every Saturday evening in the college chapel. The Christian ideals passed onto us through the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart are passed onto our students with a view that they can deal with the challenges facing us with hope and acceptance.

Pastoral Care 

The boarding staff take their responsibility to care for those under their charge very seriously. The Director of Boarding, the heads of the two dormitories and their assistants have a great amount of experience working with youth and their parents. They understand the challenges facing boarding students and their parents and endeavour to minimise the problems and support them.

Considerable trust is placed in our students, with the expectation that they will respond with the whole community in mind.  We see errors of judgement made by individuals as an opportunity for them to learn and review the way they approach their commitment to the college. 

Great care is taken in appointing staff, as the role they have is vital to the success of the boarding houses.  These significant adults are committed to providing an environment that allows individual expression whilst guiding the individual to accept responsibility to the community.