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Boarding at Monivae was like being in a big family where everyone looked out for each other. Weekly boarding allowed me to study efficiently and effectively throughout the week due to the study program, but then return home on the weekends.

Catherine Chincarini Dux 2016

The teachers I had were very dedicated and accessible, and have really made an impact on my life. Boarding was a great experience also, making close friends, and the compulsory study time and access to study facilities, while on some nights was hard to get through, in the long run really made a difference in my marks, as I would never have had that sort of set time at home without distractions ad interruptions.

Noel Manai, Year 12. Tapini PNG

Within the caring enviroment of our boarding house you learn to adopt a mature independence only a boarding enviroment can offer.

Simon Bell, Year 12 Boys Boarding Captain, Lismore

The good thing about Monivae boarding is that the people are friendly and you are with friendly people all the time. 

Sarah Campbell, Year 7, Moonee Ponds

Monivae boarding benefits me because it reduces my bus travel and increases my sporting options. 
Jeremy Pye, Year 11, Bessibelle

Boarding is good because you can get extra help with homework.  You get to see your friends after school and get better education opportunities. 

Amy Bye, Year 8, Mortlake

I like the boarding house because the boarding mistresses are friendly, kind and welcoming. 
Stephanie Campbell, Year 8, Moonee Ponds

Boarding at Monivae is good because of the extra study time where you get lots of help. 

Jayden Rogers, Year 8, Kalangadoo

My family has been coming to Monivae for half a century, it's good to be a part of that tradition. 

Adam Bush, Year 12, Horsham

It's more than a school, it's a whole community. 
Karl Brunkhorst, Year 11, Yaapeet

I get to live with my two best friends. 

Jenna Petschel, Year 11, Rainbow

Going into my fourth year here as a boarder, all I can say is that the people I have met and the friendships I have made along the way are priceless.  These people are my family and this is my home. 

Ella Bieber, Year 12, Kaniva

Gives me the opportunity to study that I don't have back home and I get to know other people and make frineds. 

Tamin Taia, Year 12, Tapini PNG

Being a boarder has enlightened my life, I have met people from different states and even from different countries that will be friends for life.

Ben Nash, Year 9, Geelong

I have been a full time boarder for nearly a year now.  The friendships I have made I know I will have them forever, not only do you make great friends but boarding opens your eyes to different types of people.  When I lived in Melbourne I had never thought of going to a boarding school.  Now that I am here I don't want to leave - it's a great community