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Weekend Program

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The program for full boarders on the weekend allows a great deal of flexibility to cater for individual commitments to sporting teams and areas of interest.

The township of Hamilton provides a wide variety of opportunities for young people and we encourage all to find other interests and we assist in the transport and organisation around these interests.

Three times per term we provide an outing for the day to a variety of venues. Examples of these outings are to the coast at Warrnambool or Port Fairy, to the magnificent Grampians for bush-walking, trips to Melbourne to attend a football match, Luna Park and the Melbourne Zoo, and to Mt Gambier for movies and paint-balling. The boarders suggest where they would like to go and every effort is made to accommodate their requests.

An important part of our weekend is our liturgies, generally held on Saturday evening. The boarders are involved in putting the service together, developing a sense of ownership and identity.

All boarders are encouraged to maximise their opportunities in all areas on weekends.  This includes an appropriate amount of study for their respective year level. There is a study period on Sunday evening that allows the boarders to prepare for the week ahead and ensure all set work is up-to-date.