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Music Forms

2017 Music Forms


Arts - Drama, Music, Media and Visual Arts

Throughout time, the arts have been used to help people understand their personal, social, cultural and spiritual lives. The arts are very important in today's world, as knowledge is mainly obtained and produced through visual and audio means of communicating. The arts are a window into the future that also explores the past and as such the quest for artistic endeavour truly reflects human society. Exploring the arts develops within a student an idea of the wider world. This world view requires a maturity within our students that is established gradually through sequential learning and development of skills and knowledge. The Arts subjects are a vital part of the maturation and development of a student and require them to explore areas and concepts that stretch not only their imagination but their view of the world.

The Monivae Arts Graduate

When effective learning in this area is taking place students will demonstrate a greater awareness of the environment around them and adopt a more mature approach in the expression of their art and toward the people they meet. Effective learning will result in intelligent use of ideas and concepts and the presentation of final work that is mature and of high quality.

Why Study Arts?

The skills and knowledge a student will gain by studying Arts:

  • A greater ability to perceive, imagine, create, think, feel, symbolise, communicate and understand
  • Confidence and Creativity
  • An opportunity to imagine and creatively engage, personally and collectively within their real and imagined worlds
  • Development of their identity, confidence, social participation and inclusion
  • An awareness of cultural diversity and heritage
  • An understanding of the design process - explore, experiment, create, analyse, critique and make meaning

Subjects available:

  • Year 7 & 8
  •  Performing Arts
  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama 
  • Music 
  • Media
  • Visual Design
  • Year 10 
  • Contemporary Drama
  • Media
  • Music 
  • Art
  • Visual Art 
  • Year 11 & 12
  • VCE Drama
  • VCE Visual Communication & Design
  • VCE Studio Art
  • VCE Media
  • VCE Music Performance
  • VCE Theatre Studies

Arts Faculty Leader
Mr Alisa Houlihan