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The Monivae College English Faculty mission is to encourage students of all abilities to read and use language critically and effectively in both its written and spoken forms. Through this, they become effective communicators and users of English now and into their future lives.

English requires students to listen, speak, view, read and write. These skills, which develop through a study of a range of texts types, evolve from these organisational areas:

  • text studies of literature, the media and popular culture;
  • an understanding of theories which reveal how we read and construct meaning;
  • language study of spoken/signed, written and visual texts.

The various components are unified in a meaningful way by the use of integrating devices and materials.

The course work studied reflects the background, maturity, interests and aspirations of our students. It draws on a range of cultural perspectives both traditional and contemporary, from within and beyond Australia. Gender, ethnic and equity issues are treated in a balanced manner.

The Monivae English Graduate

Through these practices, the Monivae Graduate will be able to demonstrate a greater working understanding of the world in which he or she operates. The Graduate will also have an enhanced ability to express his or her views and beliefs across a range of purposes and in a variety of ways within that world to create meaning in both personal and external ways.

Why study this subject?

The study of English is a mandated and compulsory study. Active and effective participation in Australian society depends on our ability to speak, listen, read, view and write with confidence, purpose and enjoyment in a wide range of contexts.

Subjects available:

  • Years 7-10 English
  • Years 11-12 VCE English
  • VCE Literature
  • VCAL Literacy

English Faculty Leader
Mr Leon Furze