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Health and Physical Education

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Health and Physical Education


To provide excellence in teaching Physical, Health and Outdoor Education which encourages all students to realise their unique potential. The Health and Physical Education faculty strive to educate and improve student knowledge in the areas of Health, fitness, outdoor experiences, and well-being, including physical, social and emotional aspects.

The key learning area of Health and Physical Education draws from the dynamic and multi-dimensional nature of health and the significance of physical activity in the lives of individuals and groups in our society. It promotes an understanding of the importance of personal and community actions in promoting health and lifelong participation in physical activity, and of the crucial role that supportive physical and social environments play in the development of the health of individuals and communities.


The Monivae Health and Physical Education Graduate

The Physical and Health Education Monivae graduate shall be able to make informed choices in relation to the health and well-being of themselves and members of the community. They will know how to access different organisations to seek help if needed and be able to assist others in making positive lifestyle choices.

Subjects available:

  • Year 7 & 8 Physical Education
  • Year 9 Physical Education
  • Health Education (one semester in Year 9)
  • Year 10 Physical and Health Education
  • VCE Physical Education
  • VCE Health & Human Development
  • VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Health & Physical Education Faculty Leader
Mr Simon Hatherell