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Religious Education

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Religious Education

The Religious Education classes are an integral part of the curriculum and are hence compulsory at all year levels. Following the MSC tradition of valuing every person irrespective of their faith, the course is designed to be inclusive of all students in the class, Catholic and non-Catholic.


All students enrolled at Monivae College will encounter Jesus Christ in their Religious Education classes. They will do so within the context of the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Charism of Jules Chevalier and the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

The Monivae Religious Education Graduate will have learned about the life and message of Jesus Christ through the study of Scripture and discern what it means for them to respond to his message in their own lives. This response includes quality Christian relationships with those they meet and with whom they live, acting in a morally compatible manner with Christ's message and the growing development of a life of faith, leading to the hope of God's Kingdom on earth and after death.

Monivae College enrols students from all places on the continuum of Christian belief and degree of participation in the life of a Christian community. For some, it is their first and only encounter with the word of God. For others, it is an opportunity to deepen their faith and enhance their life in the Church. Religious Education provides the opportunity for all to participate meaningfully in the activities and processes of the course without judgment or discrimination. Students are expected to remain open to the word of God and to participate meaningfully in all activities.

Why study the subject?

We study Religious Education because it is for this that the school exists. Monivae College was created for the purpose of educating the youth of the Western District and beyond in the love of Jesus Christ and his message. Religious Education is a major means by which this purpose is accomplished.

Subjects available

Year 7-10 Religious Education

Religious Education is shaped by the Awakenings Program from the Ballarat Catholic Education Office ( and the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (

Year 11 & 12 (VCE)

As students approach the completion of their secondary schooling, it is increasingly important that they appreciate the relationship between the Catholic Faith and Tradition and the society and culture in which they live. It is also important that they understand the nature of Ethics and Morality to help them find meaning in their lives. With this in mind Year, 11 and Year 12 students may choose from a number of VCE Units in any sequence permitted by VCAA. These include:

  • Units 1: Religion in Society
  • Unit 2: Ethics and Morality
  • Unit 3 & 4: Religion in Society

1. Students are required to be undertaking a study of Religious Education at all stages of their VCE.
2. Unit 3 & 4 must be taken as a sequence.
3. Year 12 students studying Units  2 complete the course in three terms.

Religious Education Coordinator
Mr Danny Franc