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The Monivae College Humanities Faculty invites students to study human societies, environments, people and cultures from the past and the present. The mission of the Humanities Faculty is to provide a framework in which students gain exposure to the key ideas and concepts pertaining to the way people and societies have organised their world under particular conditions and made meaning of it. The Humanities subjects take as their subject matter human behaviour. They provide unique ways to understand how and why groups of people have settled and organised their societies. How people have developed means of generating and distributing wealth, codes, laws and belief systems, related to other groups of people and interacted with their physical environment.



The Monivae Humanities Graduate

The Graduate will develop a personal framework within which they can build an understanding of the issues of their own time and place. They will develop a critical perspective on contemporary, local, international and global issues and will have the confidence and knowledge to engage in an active way in their society, whether politically, economically or socially.


Subjects available

Year 7 & 8 Humanities
Year 9 (HistoryThe Making of the Modern World)
Year 9 Geography (Land Food Placed Connections)

Year 9 LEEP (Commerce Geography)

Year 9 Commerce (Commerce for Living)


Year 10 History (The Modern World and Australia)

Year 10 Geography (Environment, Change & Human Wellbeing)

Year 10 Commerce (Commerce in Action)
Year 11 & 12 VCE History
VCE Geography
VCE Accounting
VCE Economics
VCE Legal Studies

Humanities Faculty Leader
Mrs Sofia Vearing