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Technology Studies

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Technology Studies


To provide excellence in teaching in all aspects of Technology. It encourages and supports students to realise their unique potential, and it also provides the opportunities for students to achieve success and to develop self-confidence and time management skills. The teachers in Technology aim to educate all students to the highest possible level in the relevant practical production skills, problem solving and the elements of design.

Technology is very important to all students at Monivae College. As an area of study it provides information and practical experience in a range of technological disciplines to students so they can make informed life decisions regarding future careers, work opportunities and everyday living.

Participating fully in the 21st century involves people making effective judgements, often involving technology. Technology education involves the process of designing and then making what has been designed. If students experience these technological processes they develop a greater appreciation of the significant decision-making involved and they can develop critical thinking skills. These are important skills for all students, regardless of the vocational choices they make.

Technology offers all students the opportunity to experience success. They are able to use and develop their creativity, and to apply it in a structured range of technological disciplines. As applied learning some of the skills and knowledge learned and developed in Technology are transferable to other aspects of student learning.

There is a national shortage of qualified tradespeople and Technology offers the students at Monivae the opportunity to explore future career choices in a range of disciplines. The Southern Grampians region is a strong agriculture area and the practical skills learned in Technology cater to the rural makeup of the area.


The Monivae Technology Graduate

The Technology Studies student will be able to engage effectively in innovative and creative thought through the planning and development of design projects related to real-life needs and situations. They will be able to identify needs and opportunities, research and investigate existing solutions, analyse data and information, generate, justify and evaluate ideas, and experiment with tools, materials and techniques to manage and develop design projects. Through the development of their design and production skills they will be able to create items in a range of specialist production disciplines.

Subjects available:

Junior School

  • Materials Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Textiles

Middle School


  • Discover Food Technology (Food)
  • Food Around The World (Food)
  • Food Technology & Design (Food)
  • Timber Design (Wood)
  • Creative Wood (Wood)
  • Outdoor Furniture (Wood)
  • Lighting Design (Materials)
  • Design Decorate Make (Textiles)
  • Fashion Design Concepts (Textiles)
  • Sustainable Design (Textiles)

Senior School


  • VCE Food & Technology
  • VCE Product Design & Technology
  • VET Applied Fashion Design & Technology

Technology Faculty Leader
Mr Ian Marshall