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The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

VCAL is a recognised qualification for senior students. It is a vocational alternative to the VCE, designed for students who are more likely to be interested in going into training at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), starting a School-Based Apprenticeship (SBA), or gaining employment after completing Years 11and 12.

It provides the opportunity for students to learn through hands-on (applied) applications. It also provides practical work-related experience, literacy and numeracy skills and personal development skills that are important for life and the work environment.

VCAL at Monivae is designed to allow a relatively easy transfer from VCE should students change their minds about their future.
Year 11 Intermediate VCAL students choose from the following VCE and VCAL subjects. At this level, knowledge and employment skills development lead to learning, confidence and a high level of transferable skills.

  • VCE Unit 1 English (taken over a whole year) with VCAL Literacy Intermediate Skills Reading and Writing and VCAL Literacy Skills Intermediate Oral Communication OR VCE English Units 1 & 2
  • VCAL Numeracy Skills Intermediate OR Units 1 & 2 of General Maths 
  • A VET course or SBA
  • VCE Unit 1 Religious Education Study (taken over a whole year) 
  • VCAL Work Related Skills Intermediate Units 1 & 2 incorporating a work placement one day a week that relates to the student's VET course, (mandatory). 
  • VCAL Personal Development Skills Intermediate Units 1 & 2, (mandatory).

Year 12 Senior VCAL students select from the following subjects. At this level, knowledge and employability skills development leads to a high level of interpersonal skills, independent action and achievement of tasks that require decision making and leadership.

  • VCAL Literacy Skills Senior Reading and Writing and VCAL Literacy Skills Senior Oral Communication and VCE Unit 2 English OR VCE Units 3 & 4
  • VCAL Numeracy Skills Senior OR VCE Further Maths Units 3 & 4 
  • VET course or an SBA 
  • RE Unit 2 (taken over a whole year) OR RE Units 3 & 4 
  • VCAL Work Related Skills Senior Units 1 & 2 incorporating a work placement one day a week that relates to student's VET study, (mandatory). 
  • VCAL Personal Development Skills Senior Units 1 & 2, (mandatory).

For more information about this area of study contact
VET/VCAL Coordinator
Mr Phil Wheaton
(03) 5551 1200

Further Information The Hamilton District Skills Centre website containing contact and course information.  HDSC will be offer Certificate III courses that also incorporate an SBA, training in Hospitality, automotive, community-based building and hairdressing RIST (Rural Industries Skill Training) is Australia's leading independent provider of rural training and rural education. It has now developed its training activities to encompass a wide range of topics relevant to the Australian agriculture sector to include: animal health and nutrition; livestock selection and breeding; shearer, wool handler, and wool classer training; cropping/pasture production and management. RIST offers interested persons the ability obtain formal qualifications through our Diploma of Agriculture program and through our Traineeship program. This website provides information on a range of courses that are available(eg Allied Health and Community Services). This website provides useful information on VET as SBA and VCE VET or VETiS programs. Western District Employment Ace community-based, not-for-profit organisation that has operated across Western Victoria since 1989. WDEA provides employment services for employers and job seekers. Westvic Staffing Solutions are a not for profit community-based employment and training organisation. Westvic provides employment services for students undertaking SBAs.