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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How many students at Monivae?  

570 students

2. How many boarders?  

45 boarders

3. Does my child have to be Catholic to enrol?

No.  Monivae’s enrolment policy is to be inclusive of all those regardless of background or religion.

In enrolling students, the College will give preference to:

  • Students whose family members are/have been enrolled**
  • Country children who need to board

4. Does my child have to attend Mass?

Yes.  As a school community, Monivae celebrates many special occasions through either a Mass or Liturgy.  All students are included in these various liturgies no matter their religion. 

5. We don’t go to church.  Will my child know what to do?

At the beginning of the year, the RE classes run through the expectations of students when attending the liturgy. They are taught to respect one another's beliefs and be mindful that when we gather it is a sacred time. Expectations are also raised at the beginning of the liturgy.

6. Will my child be in a class with his/her friends?

In most cases, yes. Every effort is made to make your child's transition to Monivae an easy one. So if you have any concerns about what homeroom class your child will be in please contact the relevant School Coordinator.

7. Where do I buy the text books?

All text books (excluding some English novels) are supplied by the school. A hire fee is built into the school fees. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the text books in good order. If any text books are lost or damaged the student will be charged for the replacement costs. Stationary is not supplied by the school. Book lists for the relevant year levels are available from the front office.

8. How much does the uniform cost?

The Monivae Parents and Friends operates a second-hand clothing pool.  Most items of the uniform are available through the second-hand clothing pool at approximately half the cost of new items. For more information visit Uniform and Clothing Shop.

9. Where do I buy the uniform?

Either at the second-hand clothing shop located at the College or from Accurate Clothing Co based in Gray Street, Hamilton.

10. How much are the fees and how do I pay them?

Please refer to the Fees & Conditions page.

11. How do I find out about bus transport?

Monivae College runs a bus service from Portland and Heywood each day. There is also a bus from Casterton each day. Buses from other locations are operated by the Government.  To find out more information about these Government buses which service most other surrounding areas, please contact  Public Transport Victoria (PTV). To apply for travel, please go to

This system provides bus routes and timetables for the Hamilton Network which services our school. Should you have any questions about the service, please contact the Finance Office in the first instance. Should your enquiry be outside school terms, please phone the PTV Call Centre 1800 800 007



12. How much homework will my child get?

The figures below are an indication of what homework time would be expected per night:

  • Year 7 - 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Year 8 - 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Year 9 & 10 - 2 hours
  • Year 11 - 2 to 2.5 hours
  • Year 12 - 3 hours

It may be that there is no homework set for that night, but the student should be revising class work or working on assignments,  catch up, reading, etc.

13. Does my child have to play a team sport for Monivae?

Students enrolled at Monivae are encouraged to play a sport for the College where possible, but this is sometimes geographically impossible. Sport at Monivae is about being active and inclusive.