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In keeping with the traditions of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Monivae College makes every effort to keep fees and the cost of education at the lowest level possible for families, whilst still providing the necessary infrastructure and resources needed to provide a quality education.

The fee structure for 2017 can be downloaded below.

2017 Monivae  Fees Schedule

2018 Monivae Fees Schedule


The College Finance Committee, in recommending fee levels is conscious of the need for the provision of a wide ranging curriculum which enables children to develop to their full potential. It is also conscious of the College's commitment to providing access for all students to gain a Catholic education.

It takes into account the overall College finances, the Consumer Price Index, the ability of parents to pay, projection for the following year expenses and capital commitments and repayments. The portion of costs not covered by Government Grants is principally met by the charging of school fees.

This policy provides the basis for the implementation of school fee charging, sibling discounts, hardship concessions, early payment discounts and debt recovery.

Global Fee incorporates:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Tuition and Textbooks (excluding workbooks)
  • All compulsory camp and retreat fees
  • Cadet fees
  • Schoolcare Accident Insurance
  • Student diary
  • School Magazine (1 per family + 1 per year 12 student)
  • Monivae Old Collegians Association Membership
  • National Competitions (e.g. Maths, English, Science and Geography National Competitions - Years 7 - 9)
  • Annual Internet usage limit.
  • Annual Printing usage limit.

The following items are not covered by the Tuition Fee:

  • Year 11 Presentation Ball
  • Year 12 dinner
  • Money for casual days
  • School Socials
  • Individual stationery requirements and faculty based excursions etc.
  • VET fees (these are determined on individual courses offered and are payable in advance)
  • Faculty based excursions


Fees are to be billed once a year in mid January.

PLEASE NOTE; if payment of full years fees is made on or before the due date of the first installment, you will be entitled to an 'Early Payment Discount' of 5% on Tutition and Boarding fees. The Capital Levy does not attract a discount. Please contact the college for confirmation of amount required.

Charges may be levied for misuse of school property and charged to families at replacement cost or cost of repair.

Transaction statements are to be forwarded to each family on a monthly basis. It is the obligation and responsibility of parent/s to contact the College if payments cannot be made by the due date.



Parents are expected to give one month written notice of their intention to withdraw a student from the school, otherwise a full term fees will be charged. Apportionment of the payment can be approved where notice is given under appropriate circumstances.



  • Fees are to be invoiced once a year and a payment is to be within thirty days or alternative arrangements made.
  • If an account is not paid within the thirty days, or arrangements entered into and agreed to by Business Manager, a letter is to be forwarded to the parent/s asking if there is any reason why the account has not been paid, with an invitation to discuss the matter in person.
  • If there has been no response within 30 days, a letter of demand is sent warning that debt collection is an option for overdue accounts.
  • If no response within 30 days, a letter will be sent advising that payment is required within 14 days or the account will be placed into collection without further notice.
  • If no response within 14 days the account is placed into debt collection, with all the associated costs to be borne by the parent/guardian.



Failure by families to meet their commitments to the school may mean additional fees may be charged and collection procedures undertaken, or in extreme cases parents may be requested to provide security to ensure the debt is paid.

Delinquent accounts may be placed into debt collection with a recognised collection agency at any time where there is no genuine attempt to pay the amount owed. All other avenues to obtain payment, including a warning that the account is to be so placed, will be exhausted before debt collection action is taken.

The school may withhold school documentation, such as school references, for unpaid fees and, as a last resort; the Principal may cancel an enrolment.

Students of families with outstanding fees will not be able to participate in voluntary activities and trips (such as cultural and sporting tours). Similarly, students of families receiving concessions will not be able to participate unless concessions previously made have been reimbursed and the future concession ceased.

Account balances may be written off in part or in total at the discretion of the Principal and the Business Manager where it is established that the individual circumstances are that payment is unlikely ever to be received, or, where payment will impose such hardship on the family that payment is not pursued.



To be approved by the Principal after application to the Business Manager. They are to be available to parents of students whose financial position indicates they are unable to meet the recommended fees.

In general the College will not offer reductions on Boarding fees, however, Monivae will not turn a child away purely for financial reasons.

The Principal or Business Manager may initiate offers of remission to families where known financial hardship exists. The College will offer fee remissions at various deduction rates to account for the different financial position of parents.

Any agreement entered into regarding fee remission to include repayment arrangements to ensure full debt is paid for in full by end of current year.
Applicants for concessions must complete an Application for Remission of Fees and present evidence of hardship. Evidence should include copies of relevant financial information.

Fee concessions are to be reviewed annually in November for the following year.

Fee Remission applications are available from the Registrar; Meg Cook on (03) 555 11245