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Chevalier Centre

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The Chevalier Centre 

Monivae College is extremely proud of the new Chevalier Centre, a $5.2 million development that will be the home for the wellbeing and Positive Education and Psychology programs at the College.

Blessed by Bishop Paul Bird officially opened by Dr Geoff Handbury AO and Fr John Mulrooney, Provincial of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, the Chevalier Centre is a project that has been in development for five years.

Principal Mark McGinnity says that in opening the Chevalier Centre Bishop Paul spoke of laying a strong foundation in life and this project lays a strong foundation for our students and their families.

"The concept for this project started back in 2010 when I first started as Principal at Monivae. Monivae has long had a sense of educating the whole student, and we wanted to take this further, to ensure that every student had the opportunity to make the most of their education by actively promoting the positive wellbeing of all."

"The Centre includes counselling rooms for our school counsellor, room for the Headspace program, Chaplain's office, mindfulness room, a seminar room, seating for 707 people and a new gym and change room facilities to enhance the physical wellbeing of our students." The recent addition of the state of the art new heated pool enclosure completes this fabulous facility.

College Principal Mark McGinnity, says that whilst it is great to have these wonderful facilities it is the underpinning philosophy that will make the real difference to the students.

The location of the Chevalier Centre at the College was also important in the planning, with it located centrally between the existing stadium and the Arts and Technology Centres and is designed to be at the heart of the College.

"The bringing together of four buildings the Visual Arts, Technology, Performing Arts and Gymnasiums combined with the new spaces is a revolutionary model for wellbeing that encompasses the development of the whole person - Mind, Spirit, Body and Heart."

"Monivae has an extraordinary tradition of giving students, not just an education in the classroom, but an education that prepares them for life beyond secondary school, the benefits of this Centre and the programs it contains are something that students will benefit from throughout their whole lives."


Why establish a Wellbeing Centre at Monivae College?

1. To remove the barriers that prevent students from making the most of their educational opportunities;
2. Address the identified need in the Hamilton and Western District communities and the specific wellbeing needs of the rural community;
3. Provide a rural based teenagers and adolescents with the best possible chance to learn, develop a career and lead a happy and fulfilled life;
4. Build on its past success in the development of graduates with a healthy sense of wellbeing. The College feels it owes it to the current and next generation of local adolescents to continue to improve its approach to wellbeing development in the future, i.e. it's timely to renew and refresh the College's approach;
5. Increase the awareness of community leaders and government agencies about the incremental societal effect of poor wellbeing among young adults, particularly in rural areas. There is an opportunity for Monivae to make a significant positive contribution to the development of young people with a strong sense of wellbeing;
6. Changing family structures are putting more onus on the school for wellbeing development. Research evidence and local anecdotal accounts show that some parents need and want support in the management of their children's' wellbeing;
7. Provide an environment that will consistently educate younger students in partnership with Primary Schools (Grade 5 and 6) on the pitfalls associated with all of these issues and to assist in developing a change in mindset so they are better prepared to cope or resist these issues;