Sport at Monivae provides an avenue for essential physical activity and exercise, and all students are encouraged to participate in the program regardless of skill levels or ability. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of sporting pursuits, and the chance to represent their house, school, region or state.

School Based

Inter-house Competitions

Monivae College students compete in a range of academic, social and sporting events throughout the year for house points. The four houses that participate are:

  • Ffrench - red
  • Glenelg - green
  • Lonsdale - blue
  • Mitchell - yellow

The Inter-house competitions include:

  • Swimming (Term 1)
  • Athletics (Term 1)
  • Cross Country (Term 2)
  • Hyland Shield Senior Football (Term 3)
  • Spiller Shield Senior Netball (Term 3)
  • Mixed Netball (Junior School)
  • Basketball

TEAMWORK - “Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”.
Mattie Stepanek


Monivae is affiliated with both CAS (Catholic All Schools) and the VSSSA (Victorian Secondary Schools Sports Association), allowing athletes to participate at elite schools sporting events. Both of these affiliations offer the opportunity for students to take part in a range of sports against different schools from across Victoria and Australia.

Glenelg Division Sports Association (GDSA)

Monivae College is a member of the GDSA, which conducts the following inter-school sporting events throughout each year:

  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Cross Country
  • Tennis
  • Triathlon
  • Golf
  • Lightning Premierships (Years 7-10)