Full boarding (7 day Boarding)

Full boarding students stay at the College seven nights a week, except home weekends.
Full-time boarding caters for students who live remotely or board with us from overseas.
A range of enjoyable weekend activities are arranged for boarders, including movie viewings, trips to sporting events, shopping excursions and barbecues. Full-time boarders often enjoy the hospitality of day students’ families on the weekend.

Weekly Boarding (5 day Boarding)

Weekly boarders often live within a few hours of the College and have chosen the boarding school option because of the opportunities it provides. Weekly Boarders return home to the care of their parents on Friday afternoon and arrive back at the boarding house on Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Casual Boarding

Overnight boarding is available on request. This may occur when a student is required to stay late for a sports or cultural event, an appointment, or if a parent is absent from home for some reason. This option is available at the discretion of the Director of Students. An overnight fee will be charged.