Boarding Lifestyle

Boarding at Monivae has been an integral part of College life for 65 years. Over that time, the boarding experience has changed significantly. Today, it is best characterized as:

“caring, personalized and co-educational”

Founded in 1954, Monivae was initially established as an all-boys boarding school. The College welcomed girls in the mid 70’s, was fully coeducational by 1977. At the request of numerous parents, wishing to keep brothers and sisters together, living and growing up alongside each other, girls boarding commenced in 1979.

Our boarding community provides unique learning opportunities for many young men and women. Each Boarding House is considered ‘a second home’ and staff understand they operate ‘in loco parentis’.

There is a gentle daily rhythm to boarding life. Students are well supervised but in a relaxed and friendly family atmosphere that allows for the individual care of each student. The environment is supportive, promotes individual growth and independence. A Boarding experience can ‘value add’ to your child’s education by maximizing all that Monivae has to offer. Benefits of boarding include:

  • a supervised routine study
  • increased mentoring opportunities - academic and sporting
  • improved time management and organizational skills
  • resilience and gratitude
  • life-long friendships
  • country lifestyle

Care and wellbeing

Our dedicated boarding team, College Counselor and teaching staff are trained to make significant positive contributions to the development of the young people in our care.

Small numbers in both the Girls and Boys Boarding ensure support for students is always close at hand. Many of our staff are specifically trained in Mental Health First Aid and Respectful Relationships and we are fortunate to have excellent access to first rate Health Services.

"Monivae College is recognized as a Regional Lead School in student wellbeing".

Our Positive Education Program and whole school focus on mindfulness, resilience and gratitude are now firmly embedded in our culture. As such, all students regularly participate in wellbeing programs. Students care for one another and are encouraged to help themselves through a variety of wellbeing strategies; regular exercise, healthy eating, meditation and technological quiet time.

With a long history of supporting country families, being part of the Monivae boarding community today also brings the added richness of living and learning about students from the city, overseas and remote regional areas such as Kiribati and Papua New Guinea.