What are digital badges?

Digital badges are a record of a student's achievements. They are stored online on the secure website Acclaim by the internationally recognised Credly platform. Badges recognise that students achieve more than just what they learn from a traditional curriculum. They provide an opportunity to tell the story of the whole student, including their extracurricular activities, jobs, and partnerships with industries and tertiary institutes.

What badges does Monivae offer?

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Students can earn badges in a variety of ways. Some are earned by completing short extra curricular courses, such as the Code Academy. Others, like the Digital Technologies in Agriculture badge, recognise a student's participation in a course with an industry partner. Badges can also be issued as awards to recognise outstanding achievements and acts of service.


Because badges are digital they can be shared on various platforms. Senior students can add badges to theirĀ LinkedIn accounts so that employers can see them, and they can be shared on social media. Credly is a secure and verifiable platform, and badges cannot be copied or stolen - they are unique to the student who achieved them.