Careers education at Monivae introduces the world of work to students through a study of pathway options and workplace issues. It encourages the student to imagine themselves in the workplace and the meaningful contribution they can make to a successful and compassionate society.

All students are warmly invited to the open Careers Resource faculties situated in the Chevalier Centre where they can browse careers resources and speak with a Careers Coordinator at any stage of their schooling. Faculties regularly highlight the potential careers available to students and the changing nature of the workplace as new technology and knowledge reveal a dynamic landscape.

All Year 10 students participate in formal Careers classes. During this program, students complete the [email protected] program, equipping them for a safe entry into the workplace and as an introduction to the Monivae work experience program. Students also learn how to write engaging resumes and cover letters.

As part of their career education, students complete the Morrisby online profiling system and use this report to discuss the future study and career options with their careers teachers. This report also helps students choose their Year 11 and 12 study options.

Students study workplace issues to develop their understanding of their rights within the workplace and the value of work.

Weekly Careers News