Monivae strives to develop the skills of its students through creation of authentic learning experiences. Faculties provide a number of class excursions, incursions and student opportunities throughout the year.

Our staff encourage all students to develop their academic potential and provide opportunities for students to seek additional support when needed. Teachers value the relationship with each of their students and seek to develop responsive teaching practices through the use of student data and evidence-based practice through Visible Learning practices to improve learning outcomes.

Students have access to their learning materials online through the SIMON Learning Management System. Through this platform, students can access resources, submit work and receive regular teacher feedback.

Monivae values the ongoing partnership with our families to support students and their learning. Students and their parent/guardian are invited to Parent Teacher Interviews each semester and receive unlimited access to the Parent Access Module (PAM) of the SIMON Learning Management System where they can view their child’s progress to date.


Monivae aligns its curriculum offerings with the F-10 Victorian Curriculum for Years 7-10 and the senior VCAA studies of VCE or VCAL at Year 11 & 12.

The design of our learning programs ensures that all students have access to a range of pathways options to prepare them for life beyond school. Faculties have used the curriculum design principles of Understanding by Design (UbD) to develop an explicit scope and sequence of key knowledge, understandings and skills for students to build upon as they progress through their years of schooling.

Students at Years 7 & 8 participate in a structured learning program that provides students with a breadth of learning experiences and a sound base of foundational skills.

At Years 9 & 10, students are able to select options in Language studies (Indonesian), Arts, Technology, Humanities and Science. Students are encouraged to explore potential pathways in preparation for their senior studies.


VCE Hamilton Tops Exhibition 

Eight Monivae College VCE art students have had the honour of their creative artworks being selected for the Hamilton Gallery, 'Hamilton Tops' Exhibition in November.