Monivae College exists to proclaim and give witness to the love of God. It has as its motto, "Fortes in Fide": Strong in Faith, and strives to create a climate in which prayer and the search for truth and meaning in life are valued and nurtured. The College aims to make gospel values real in the lives of young people, their families and the staff who serve them. The fostering of the individual spiritual development of students is an essential dimension of education at Monivae College.

While respecting all authentic spirituality, the Catholic ethos of the College with its MSC spirit is the source and focus of the spiritual development offered to students. They are encouraged to explore opportunities for spiritual growth beyond the school community, especially in family life, church communities and MSC sponsored Mission Experiences.

The spiritual development of students is especially fostered in Religious Education and Faith Development programs, in Pastoral Care, in Liturgical celebrations, and in ‘MSC In Action’ community service groups. It is implicit across the Curriculum, in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and in the example staff give to students.