Headspace Warrnambool in partnership with Monivae College is here to help young people and their families, to deal with emerging mental health problems. A youth friendly mental health counsellor from Headspace Warrnambool will visit Monivae College each week during school terms to help young people who are referred by the school Counsellor, to explore areas in their life they would like to improve, and make a plan with them on how to do this. Sometimes when things aren’t going so well it’s hard to see the positives in life, but recognition of the positives and making a plan to move forward is an important step in dealing with mental health challenges.


Student Services 

Student Services at Monivae College aims to assist students facing a range of challenges that can act as barriers to their educational and developmental potential. We offer strategies and specialised support to students that are individually developed to suit the students educational needs and current level of emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Student Services work as part of an integrated team in conjunction with other key staff, with the aim to:

  • target the individual needs of the student to enable them to achieve successful education and wellbeing outcomes;
  • respond to emerging student wellbeing needs and engage them with the school based counsellor, Learning Support or external services e.g. HeadSpace;
  • work in collaboration with services available in the community;
  • facilitate and strengthen partnerships between the student, school and family to ensure the student achieves success;
  • respond to critical incidents that involve students, staff and the wider community;
  • create reasonable adjustments for students to engage with the curriculum according to their needs and ability.