"Schools are at their dynamic best when teachers and parents work hand-in-hand together".
Michael Grose

How parents interact with their children strongly influences the way they see the world. This includes their attitudes and approach to education. Students with parents who are engaged in their learning and development, no matter what their income or background, are more likely to do well at school and take up higher education.

We encourage you to access the parent portal - PAM regularly. It contains much vital information about how your child is progressing.

Teenagers however, as we know ‘have a lot going on in their lives’. Below are a range of resources that, from time to time, you may find helpful. The College has membership to the Parenting Ideas Schools site. It is a comprehensive online resource designed to support teachers and parents. There’s no additional cost for you to make use of it – one of the many benefits of a Parenting Ideas School membership.

Please contact Mr. Darren Beks (Director of Students) should you be interested.

Parenting Ideas Schools http://www.parentingideas.com.au/schools
Mindmatters Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiative (secondary years) http://www.mindmatters.edu.au
The Raising Children Network http://raisingchildren.net.au
Drug Rehab www.drugrehab.com/guides/parents/