The Personal Growth Program (PGP) at Monivae College is aimed at improving the wellbeing of each child. Wellbeing is considered to be the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual health of a person. At Monivae the MSC charism is the keystone to our PGP and supports our endeavour of a Monivae graduate to be a lifelong learner who is competent, confident and compassionate.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all".

Age appropriate programs provide students with a toolkit of strategies to enhance student wellbeing and assist students to flourish in and beyond the school context.

The focus of the Personal Growth Program at Monivae is to:

  • encourage gratitude, social responsibility, empathy and mindfulness 
  • cultivate positive respectful relationships
  • foster learning and enhance academic achievement 
  • increase a greater sense of self awareness
  • build resilience and emotional intelligence.